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I am currently blogging for the Arlington Educational Foundation’s Technology Initiative, which is launching a three-year fundraising initiative to accelerate the infusion of technology into the Arlington Public Schools. Blog posts focus on current ideas, initiatives and technologies of interest to high school teachers, parents and students.

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Student Engagement in the Online Classroom

In today’s Chronicle of Higher Ed, Brian Taylor, an online instructor with 19 years experience, offers his suggestions for Student Engagement in the online classroom. Nothing earth shattering here, but it is a good conversation starter. As usual, the comments after the article offer additional suggestions and take issue with some of the author’s. A few other useful articles:

Student Engagement in Online Learning provides links to lists of activities

A VCU professor Mingsheng Dai, PhD,offers 10 Ways to Engage Students in an Online Course in the Center for Teaching Excellence 2007 newsletter

The Sloan Consortium offers a workshop on the topic of Improving Student Engagement in Online Classes

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36 Ways to use smartphones in the classroom

John Hardison catalogs 36 ways to use smartphones in the classroom in a blog post for Getting Smart, which was listed as one of 50 Excellent Online Professional Development Resources for Teachers in 2012. Getting Smart offers ideas and resources on high-tech learning and innovative ideas in education.



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Expanding Forms of Scholarly Inquiry

Oct 15, 2012

In today’s Profhacker, Anastasia Salter discusses her conversations on Expanding Forms of Scholarly Inquiry beyond the traditional, and explores practical concerns related to accessibility, archiving and scholarly acceptance of new forms of scholarship. The easiest route to dissertation is to follow the traditional format. A few years ago I was tempted to try out a “multimedia’ format for my own scholarly inquiry, but in the end, it’s easier for students, their advisors, their committee and their program to stick with the traditional format. I was convinced that my advisor and committee would not be prepared to deal with questions  related to determining quality, archiving, where these new forms will fit into the literature. In the end I wanted to finish my degree. Some programs will be willing to embrace new forms of scholarship, but this will require thinking hard about those questions.

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